CreationSwap Update 1


by: Brad Zimmerman in: Article 5 years ago

What does a new magazine, tablet controls for your computer, an app store for your TV and 8.5 billion dollars have to do with you? It's just some of what's new on the CreationSwap Update.

Microsoft Buys Skype for 8.5 Billion
AOL launches video conferencing tool Aim AV
Google Brings the android app store to your TV at Google IO
The 8Bit Network refocuses and becomes
Clover adds forms
Adobe Launches CS5.5


jenna ann   Level 1jenna ann 5 years ago
Super fun guys! Can't wait to see more.
Jeff Simbro   Jeff Simbro 5 years ago
Awesome. I love your church media show.

- j
Brian Alexander   Brian Alexander 5 years ago
I love this. Great job Brad!
Krist Adams   Level 1Krist Adams 5 years ago
Very nice. overall I love it. However, 2 things. The Adobe CS5.5 Flash Builder- You can only design for android products at the moment. The free update that comes out in June opens it up to iOS and others. The other part, I was hoping on an update on when the Creation Swap store is going to open. Other than those, and in spite of those, awesomeness. 
Brad Zimmerman   Brad Zimmerman 5 years ago

IT is true that the ios addon is not out yet, but apple has agreed to let developer create apps via tools like flash builder. So you can start creating an app today without fear that apple will reject your app based on where it was created.

Also, we will have updates on what new around CreationSwap in every episode, so look forward to the in our next episode!

Thanks for the great feedback
Krist Adams   Level 1Krist Adams 5 years ago
Oh yes. I wasn't trying to be critical in a bad way, just a thing that you might have wanted to point out. But again, love the updates and the idea of them.  
Joshua Pomeroy   Level 1Joshua Pomeroy 5 years ago
Great info! Thanks a lot!
Eric Kidwell   Eric Kidwell 5 years ago
Love the animations and graphics - Awesome job guys!
Melanie Clark   Melanie Clark 5 years ago
That was great! Thanks for kicking it up a notch and providing this!
Betsy Vosburgh   Betsy Vosburgh 5 years ago
Interesting but the message kept freezing...
Doug Shelton   Level 1Doug Shelton 5 years ago
You probably just need to hit pause for a few minutes so the video can load completely. 
Bridge Element   Level 1Bridge Element 5 years ago
Great job!!!
David Chapman   Level 1David Chapman 5 years ago
I don't think CS5.5 is as exciting as Brad had described. If your church owns CS5, I wouldn't bother upgrading. CS6 will be out soon enough.
Brian Scramlin   Brian Scramlin 5 years ago
Great info! Thanks so much, Brad!
Brad Zimmerman   Brad Zimmerman 5 years ago
Thanks! Glad you found it useful.
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