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by: Benjamin Hughes Level 1 2 years ago

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Daniel Berry   Daniel Berry 2 years ago Reply
Beautiful. Love the air bubbles in the ink.
Ryan Harmon   Level 1Ryan Harmon 2 years ago Reply
I love it! The use of the "o" as the ink jar is great, but I'm not as keen on the air bubbles. I think its unnecessary detail that takes away from the great simplicity everywhere else.
Sue Baxter   Level 1Sue Baxter 2 years ago Reply
dig it.
Derik Watson   Level 1Derik Watson 2 years ago Reply
Great use of imagery.  I agree with Ryan... maybe no bubbles... even though they do look 'beautiful'! ;)  great job.
D B   Level 1D B 2 years ago Reply
great work.... bubbles are unnecessary
Benjamin Hughes   Level 1Benjamin Hughes 2 years ago Reply
Thanks for all the feedback guys. :-)
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