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Alternative Identity


by: Derik Watson Level 1 4 years ago

Concept 1

Haven't been on here in a looong time!  :)  Looking to do this on a tee shirt.  The theme is Alternative Identity.  To me, the idea is that Christ lives in us.  The scripture reference is Galatians 2:20.  I would like to make the Alternative Identity title more clear... and may just text it over the top after the fact.  It's not a finished product, so I'm posting on here to see if anyone thinks the idea is a good one and/or have suggestions.  I am a novice.  Thanks all! Derik

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Student Ministries Camp Theme

Special Direction

T-Shirt theme for a High School camp/retreat.

Target Audience

High School



Samuel Fyfe   Level 1Samuel Fyfe 4 years ago
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Derik Watson   Level 1Derik Watson 4 years ago
Thanks for the feedback Samuel.  I'm finding a little more time to play with it.  I do agree with you on all points.  Trying to clear it up.  The hard part is transferring this to a tee shirt.  Any thoughts on that?  I know it gets tough because you're transferring from PS to screen print. Wish I knew more!
Samuel Fyfe   Level 1Samuel Fyfe 4 years ago
Usually you have to do in a vector format to do print work like tees and sweatshirts and bags.  If you have access to Illustrator I would highly recommend it.  It would make your life a lot easier and make you more flexible as a designer.  As for what you have here, I think you could translate that to Illustrator without too much trouble.  

With this particular design, screen printing I don't think would be the best option.  I'm not terribly familiar with the different techniques of tshirt printing, but I know if you get a hold of someone like, they have a wide range of styles and techniques at their disposal.  Hope that helps, and if you have any more questions about doing something like what's above in a vector e-mail me at, and I could probably walk you through it.
Derik Watson   Level 1Derik Watson 4 years ago
Thanks Samuel... that site really helps!  My problem is that I don't have Illustrator.  Frustrating to say the least. I appreciate the help!
Samuel Fyfe   Level 1Samuel Fyfe 4 years ago
One thought would be to buy a legacy version of Illustrator online, they're usually cheaper, but harder to find.  You can also go with a cheaper alternative, like Inkscape, or if you have a mac, there are vector programs in the app store.  Hope that helps!
Tony Cruz   Tony Cruz 4 years ago
I like this on a black shirt.

IDENTITY  needs to shine somewhere on the shirt.
Jay Thomas   Jay Thomas 3 years ago
This is awesome. When it is completed, I would love to order some of them. Great job!

Derik Watson   Level 1Derik Watson 3 years ago
Jay.... I kind of gave up on this one, but I have Illustrator now too, so I may give it another go.    Just need to find the time.  Thanks for the feedback.

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