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Servant Leader Luau


by: Ruben GarciaJr 4 years ago

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joeROOSTER !   Level 1joeROOSTER ! 4 years ago
I think you have the right idea. It just needs some tweaking. Here are some suggestions.

• lose the the right palm tree. The depth of field on it is kinda distracting.

• Remove the blur from the left palm tree.

• The servant leader type looks like its just floating. Maybe add some kind of element behind it (board, bamboo stick, leaf, etc...)

• Bring the graphic up some. It's close to the bottom and is getting cut off.

• lose the coconuts or try a different placement. They look kind of thrown in.

• Try making your torches look different. They have a copy and paste look.

Hoped that helped. Keep at it dude!
Threelions27 Stu   Threelions27 Stu 4 years ago
This is pretty awesome and would work great for a Back to School Luau we do every year for our Jr high ministry. Any chance this will be made available for download as psd? 
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