Paul Snyder  

A Dangerous Journey


by: Paul Snyder Level 1 4 years ago

Concept 1

New sermon series for the summer. We're looking at Paul's missionary journeys but wanted to have some fun with it. After seeing Kraken Rum's new commercial, we decided to go with a giant octopus wrecking Paul's ship.

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Sermon Series

Special Direction

New Kraken Rum commercial was our inspiration



D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
I don't think anything should be designed for church a rum company as its source of inspiration.

Just kidding.

The illustration looks great. I'd say the paper is too dark for my taste, but that is your call. I think this is very close, but the title needs not only work, but space from the illustration.

I don't see the parenthesis as necessary. If they don't attribute to the design, they probably arn't. If there is no reason for them, you there probably isn't one.
James Walsworth   James Walsworth 3 years ago
Sorry, Paul. I have a crush on you. A man-crush...  nothing weird or unholy...  but really, man...  your work is amazing. Are you drawing this yourself?
James Walsworth   James Walsworth 3 years ago
I do agree with beck about the parens...  I think they interfere with the readability. I like the paper.
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