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by: Rich Aguilar Level 1 2 years ago

Concept 1

Looking at ways that I can improve on the feel of it... GO! ~ Rich

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sermon slide

Special Direction

mystical and dream like

Target Audience

10 and under


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Blake Berg   Blake Berg 2 years ago Reply
Looking good so far. I like the texture on the text. If you want to get more mystical and dreamlike, I would look at more lighting - like maybe some really intense volumetrics - enough to create a warm haze around the text. 

Maybe also some floaty particles/dust/balls of light.

And lastly, maybe look at dropping the black background for some kind of scene/image. Nothing very descript and probably pretty blurry (and hazed out), but something to start to suggest shapes of trees/forest/etc/anything that starts to suggest the more "unfamiliar".
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 2 years ago
thanks Blake!

I really like the suggestions you made. I am in the process of trying those puppies out. If you think of anything else let me know bro!

~ Rich
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