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Golf Scramble


by: Jonathan Mack Level 1 4 years ago

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Golf Promo

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D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
Text looks pretty darn good but in this scenario the light would not be coming off of the grass. It would be coming from above. Flip your ball vertical.

The stroke around the ball seems funky and stock. Trim it up.

Your text is slightly off centered. I wouldn't adjust its size, I would scale it in from the left as you don't want to get close to the edges, as opposed to nudging it to the left.

There is no contrast in this photo, everything is a similar shade of green black and white. I'd make the text orange if you use this photo.

It is a nice photo, but the ground makes it awkward, have you looked for a flat green to put it in, you could put the pin in front of it to create some depth.

If you decide to go with this photo, you could really sell it by adding some shadow to the ground beneath the text and setting it to overlay or darken.
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 4 years ago
You've just been becked!  ;)
Keith Parker   Level 1Keith Parker 4 years ago
Agree with the beck comments, but could also see maybe taking the ground / grass and making it a more "gray" / black and white so the green of the word Golf would stand out.  Similar concept, just another way.  Good stuff - text looks great.
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