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Parks and Wreck


by: mat vonEhrenkrook Level 1 4 years ago

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Student ministries summer prog


Target Audience

Jr. High


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D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
Currently, it looks like the sign was centered, and then the transform tool was used and now it is closer to the edge on the left.

The sign has a lit of scratches, but there are none showing any green on the white text.

The background is very dark, and difficult to pick up, especially if this is going to be projected on a low quality 720/480 jr-high rm projector. With that in mind, I would honestly just scrap the bgd all together. A possible solution may be to put a sign post on it, and then out a park behind this sign blurred out so it has some DOF and adds depth to the picture.

The website looks very far from the sub-title. The can be moved closer vertically to each-ther.

I would also make sure your fonts on "parks and wreck" and the "every wednesday" are the same.
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