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No Other Gods


by: Samuel Fyfe Level 1 4 years ago

Concept 1

Very similar to the logo, just wondering what you guys' thought.  I'd love some constructive criticism on this one please!

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Conference Theme


Special Direction

No Other Gods

Target Audience

High School



Josh Comer   Josh Comer 4 years ago
I love this. My only concern is that my eye is quickly drawn to the red triangle instead of to the center.
Brian Lucas   Brian Lucas 4 years ago
Now that I read this, all I see is that red triangle... thanks. :)

I agree.
Brian Lucas   Brian Lucas 4 years ago
It looks like this graphic is either a band name (and that's the band in the background), or it's implying that rock bands are idols/gods and this is speaking against them.

I really like the triangles and such. The style is really cool, but there may be confusion over the meaning. (I genuinely thought the above before reading your concept.)

Looks great, can't wait to see what comes of it!
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