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by: Laura V Level 1 2 years ago


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An illustration for an article about discovering the truths of the bible. The author uses the guy who discovered King Tut's tomb as an example of searching with perseverance, so I wanted to pull on that imagery. I wishywashed about what kind of style to use and in the end went for a light-hearted Disneyesque approach. I wanted that contrast in style between the text/title and the rest of the illustration but I'm not sure if its too much? Does the upper third of the image need more depth/dimension? I can't decide if its weighted properly, or what could even it out more.

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D B   Level 1D B 2 years ago Reply
Looks great! Love your style as always.

I think overall it is lacking depth. The payoff seems small for diggin deep! Maybe a couple of gold nuggets laying around, and some expanse to make it appear is there is much more below the surface.

The reflection on his face could go a little closer to the orange on the top of the title.

Have you tried blue instead of yellow above ground for some contrast?

Overall I love it!
Laura V   Level 1Laura V 2 years ago
Thank you! All very helpful suggestions! I was trying to avoid filling king tuts tomb but I guess I could create a sarcophagus or!

And blue on top is a great suggestion. I'll have an updated version up soon...
Sue Baxter   Level 1Sue Baxter 2 years ago Reply
what david said.
Laura V   Level 1Laura V 2 years ago Reply
I uploaded a new concept!
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