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Life is a circus


by: D B Level 1 4 years ago

Concept 1

I had a hard time with this art for some reason. The elements still seem incongruent. Any ideas on how to pull it all together? This is the door hanger. It will be given to attenders during the month of July. Also, small groups will be placing them in neighborhoods during meeting times

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Sermon Series Graphics/cover


Special Direction

Circus theme, New take, old style elements. 4 week series beginning with fall kick-off at a large church. This series congregants are being asked to really invite friends, (invite door hangers)

Target Audience

25-50, suburbs.



Blake Berg   Blake Berg 4 years ago
I like circus-y stuff. 

I see a few things you could look at that may help you pull the elements together...

1.Take the Strongman and Clowns off of the "plane" of the hanger to the top level layers (like the trapeze artist - above borders and everything) and add some big drop shadows to add some depth - almost like they are paper dolls above everything else. They would have to be "cropped" so you could see that they aren't officially standing on anything.

2. Add some kind of circus scene/landscape with a circus tent in the background that the strongman and clowns are a part of. This way they aren't floating in space. You could do it with the original blue background, or add a sky that fades up into that. If I was making this project, I would probably go this route with it (at least at first).

3. The strongman is set up nicely with what he is holding to incorporate that into the title. Maybe he is holding a sign that becomes part of the title. Again, if I was making this, I would probably do this along with the above idea.

4. Maybe add some shadows to the figures so they don't look like they are floating (not drop shadows, but "on the ground" kind of shadows).
D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
Our communications director is sending it to the printer right now. 30,000 prints are in en-route.
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