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Baptism Tshirt


by: Brian Lucas 4 years ago

Concept 1

"We need t-shirts for people getting baptized."  Why? 1. Some people dress less-than-modestly when getting baptized, especially when we go up to Lake Tahoe for our beach baptisms in summer. 2. It's nice to give people stuff. Nice keepsake for their big decision. 3. Conversation starter. It's our church's mission to make Jesus famous in our area. Giving people a tool that makes it easy to share their story of their reasons for getting baptized is key to that mission. I'm also working on a baptism certificate, using old money orders and contracts for inspiration. Want something that people would be proud to display. Let the visual represent the moment properly.

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Tshirt Design

Special Direction

3 reasons: 1/Something to wear while being baptized (modesty), 2/A gift to remember it by, 3/ A conversation starter for the person wearing it (meaning it has to be cool enough to be worn again)

Target Audience

Adults / New Believers



Sharon Alisa   Level 1Sharon Alisa 4 years ago
I was just in Tahoe for a retreat last was so nice! Anyway I really like the shirt. Looks great!
Brian Lucas   Brian Lucas 4 years ago
Thank you so much! 

Tahoe is really beautiful, it's nice to have it so close...
Brian Lucas   Brian Lucas 4 years ago


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What it's for

Sometimes it's nice to give a little clue as to what it's about. But it's a little more subtle. Doesn't scream "I LOVE JESUS! YOU STOP SINNING!"

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