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Inside Out


by: Blake Berg 4 years ago


Concept 1

I'm looking for more of a creative brainstorm than a critique. The theme for the event is "Inside Out", changing your "world" (school, church, home, you) from the inside out. The art is inspired by Russian nesting dolls but with cardboard boxes. What I'm looking for is ideas for elements that can represent school, church, home, work, life, etc but be depicted in the form of a cube (cardboard box). The different concepts attached show the evolution of the scenes so you can see how they are being built out. The main one I don't have a lot of ideas for is "church" (other than the church building), but everything needs to be built out more. Thanks in advance for everyones help...

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Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 4 years ago
Love the creativity of it! 

No critique here. I could use some cinema help bro! for real! :)

~ Rich
D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
Piano, or guitar for worship, a group of people meeting in a circle (like a small group), a pulpit, cross.

Or you could completely rip the idea of church as a building to shreds and just have parts of the body. representing the feet for good news, hands for serving. I don't know, sounds kind of morbid.

Or the church can be the finale, and instead of a box like the rest, the building can explode, or rip up or whatever as it can't contain the people inside (who really make up the church.)

I don't know, maybe these bring about some thoughts.
Keith Parker   Level 1Keith Parker 4 years ago
Love this creative idea.  Really good stuff.  Not sure I could add to the ideas David shared, but just to say really cool.
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