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Lake Ridge Survey


by: Adam McDaniel 4 years ago

Concept 1

This is the inside.

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Special Direction

One element of a case study I'm doing for a local church

Target Audience



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Brian Lucas   Brian Lucas 4 years ago
The design looks phenomenal, but I think the clarity could use some work, not sure if that's up for discussion... but here are my thoughts on the actual presentation / construction of the questions:

Under "Basics" 
  • Do they need to be open-ended? (i.e. would it be better to have age ranges and "circle one" instead of "How old are you?"
  • You might add a frequency of attendance... weekly, bi-weekly, once a month, less...
Under "Ministry Experience"

  • I love the layout, but is it too much work / confusing?
  • I think most people would get that for the two questions, the numbers for the rating relate to their list, but that might not be readily apparent.
  • Is there a way to combine the response and the rating of each?
  • What does the number scale represent?
  • Is 1 or 10 better? 
  • If I love the worship and sermon, but the service is too long, how should that be quantified?
  • What if the questions were open-ended here (along with combined as above)? Like: "What ministry are you involved in? What is going really well / something that ministry does well? What is something that could be better?" (That's three questions... but that might get you more of the answers you're looking for)
Under "Outreach"

  • What qualifiers are you using for determining "effectiveness" in outreach?
  • Great outreach could be converting people each week to one person, and feeding the homeless to another.
  • It asks how well you are "reaching people" in the church, community, and the world; but what would that mean? 
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