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by: Rich Aguilar Level 1 2 years ago

Concept 2

This is an alternate version that I came up with. More for print purposes, like shirts and letterhead etc. How does this one fly?

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Special Direction

New theme for next year // youth district

Target Audience




Blake Berg   Blake Berg 2 years ago Reply
I like this color scheme over the other. I would maybe look at inverting the "EST 1947" line so it is right side up.

The 2013 doesn't really seem to fit in for me (at least how it is presented here). You could maybe squeeze "WD YOUTH" enough to allow the 2013 with it. I don't really have any good suggestions on it.
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 2 years ago
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Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 2 years ago
Sheesh.. how come the HTML isn't working...

lol, what I was trying to say was, My client is ending up not wanting to use this version or the other. 

They want something almost exactly like this link... 
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 2 years ago Reply
BTW, I like the text suggestions! 

Thanks for the input bro!   :)

Sharon Alisa   Level 1Sharon Alisa 2 years ago Reply
Hey Rich! I like this version a lot! The other one lacks depth and is a little hard to read. I agree with Blake about trying out the bottom text right side up. Only other thought is that the "D" in "WD" is very similar looking to the "O", but I like the font otherwise! Love the vintage feel overall.
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