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Church Wall Banners


by: jeff jennings 3 years ago


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Wall Banner

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Is there a market for these here?

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Pastors and creative arts



Robert Williams   Level 1Robert Williams 3 years ago
I've never sold anything through Creationswap, so I can't advise you if there's a market or not, but here's a small design critique: the banner would be easier to read if "Savior" was rotated 180 degrees so that it started at the top and read downward. (Think of a book spine layout)

It's a little herky jerky to read "Jesus" then have to drop to the bottom and read "Savior", then drop back down and read "John 3:16."  Flipping Savior would add some visual flow, reading Jesus, then naturally down to Savior, then the reference and the cross leading back up to the top.

I like your color schemes (I prefer the darker one) and the type is very legible.   The texture and screened out shapes keep it from looking flat and boring. Since you have the artwork completed, I'd say it's worth a shot to stick it on your creative space.  You never know if someone might be looking for something along these lines.  Good luck!
Samuel Fyfe   Level 1Samuel Fyfe 3 years ago
What I first want to ask is which program did you make this in.  Large wall banners of this size should be made in Illustrator, because it's a vector based system.  A wall banner this size in Photoshop would be a massive file, and most of the print shops that I work with don't even accept stuff this large unless its a vector file.
jeff jennings   jeff jennings 3 years ago
If you use photoshop, you make it 300dpi at 25 present ratio. Flatten image and submit as PDF It prints beautiful. I used to use Ai exclusively but now I use both for different purposes. Thanks
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