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Please - I know I need help with this. We are trying to design a series of newspaper ads to run every week during Lent promoting our sermon series of "Who is this Jesus?". We will answer the question each week with and "I Am" statement. We want to use real people from our church in the ad (this one is a stock photo) and they'll "intro" themselves in the ad. We'll use Sunday School teachers, worship team, ministry leaders etc.  It needs to be direct and personal. What do I need to change? Thank you all so much in advance.

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Newspaper Ad

Special Direction

we want to use faces from our church

Target Audience

community at large


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Laura V   Level 1Laura V 3 years ago
Hey Marie! Hopefully its not too late to offer some critique! As far as the layout of this particular ad, I think your problem area is the bottom address. It looks pretty cramped, and the kearning (letter spacing) is pretty loose. I'd go for a tighter typeface and also give it more line spacing. If you compare the space between the letters, words, and lines, they're all very close which makes it hard for our eyes to figure out which direction to go. (subtle things that make comprehension easier and quicker!)

My only thought as far as the concept is that it looks like the person in the photo is going to be leading a seminar or sermon series. Its not necessarily clear that they're just a face inviting you to join in. I like the idea that you get a personal invite but I'm not sure how you could make that clearer.

My other thought is that your heading could probably have more prominence, and that this ad really seems aimed at women right now with the script and female face. Do you think this is a concern? You know your audience better than I :D 
Marie Haggarty   Level 1Marie Haggarty 3 years ago
Thank you so much Laura! For once I got started early enough to still have time for editing! I really appreciate your comments and will adjust the typeface and spacing and try to upload a revised version.  I am planning to use a different face every week so there will be a combination of men and women. And also try to "place" them with something...i.e. the bass player will be holding her bass and our van driver standing by the open van door. I am hoping that will make it a lot more personal. You have been a very big help - thank you.
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