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Digital Revival Branding


by: Joseph Lemons 3 years ago


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Digital Revival Logo

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Laura V   Level 1Laura V 3 years ago
Hey Joseph, can you provide some more background details? All I can comment on right now is that the colour scheme and font choices seem more "retro" than "revival"
Joseph Lemons   Joseph Lemons 3 years ago
Yes I Can :) 
Joseph Lemons   Joseph Lemons 3 years ago
I just uploaded my Brand Identity Guide, Hope that helps you to make a better assessment. :) 
Laura V   Level 1Laura V 3 years ago
Thanks that helps a bit :D. Is this an identity for your own design business? 

As far as the concept goes, I still think your colour and font choices don't seem to make sense with the name "digital revival." Tan and Crimson are a pretty dated colour scheme and you've used a distinctly retro font for your initials. Was that intentional? Your branding will go a long way in determining what kind of clients you appeal to so you need to be aware of that.

As far as technical critique, I would point out that your line between "D and R" is the same width as the "l", but they don't quite line up but they're not quite far enough apart. It gets visually confusing because their similarity and proximity suggest they should be related, but they're really not. It almost becomes a focal point because it doesn't really balance - I'd play with placement to see if you can avoid this problem! Also, be aware that flipping the D in this font actually makes it look like a small "a."

I like your work on the identity manual! Its important to lay out the details, but from a designers perspective I'm also wondering about your choices in the colours and fonts. To me, they might not be the best choices to represent your missions statement! 

I hope this is all helpful and not overly detailed :D 
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