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The Choice


by: Jonathan Carone 3 years ago

Concept 1

We're doing a series in March called The Choice. I didn't want to go with a graphic that looked like what the series was about but rather one that was simply visually appealing. My goal was to draw attention and intrigue people.

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Sharon Alisa   Level 1Sharon Alisa 3 years ago
It is intriguing! What throws it off is that the font has mixed widths (the "I" is only half the width of the other letters), and so the "THE" looks funny with the T being much further away from H and E. I like the font, though, so maybe just place the "THE" somewhere else?
Laura V   Level 1Laura V 3 years ago
I like it! Mostly because to me it does say "choice" ... with all the letters spaced out and different colours I get the sense that I could have to choose one. 

Its dangerous to go for simply "visually appealing" but in this case you nailed it :D. I think what you've really done is super-simplified the concept (intentionally or not lol!) which can make something way more impactful.
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