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Director of Communication / Web & Graphic Designer


in: Design & Creative 4 years ago

Position Type: Full-Time

Position Category: Design & Creative

Church / Company: Lakeside Church

Location: Folsom, CA


Lakeside believes the people of the church are both called and gifted to be active servants of Jesus Christ.

This is a full time, leadership position. The Director of Communication / Web & Graphic Designer is responsible for planning and executing communication strategies for Lakeside Church. This includes designing for print and websites, marketing through social media, and implementing other promotional/advertising pieces that all effectively communicate the vision and the mission of Lakeside Church. 

•    Strategically plan, coordinate, and implement vision and goals for the communications department that helps to promote the vision and goals of Lakeside Church.
•    Meet with pastors, directors and other department heads to support their ministries’ communication needs.
•    Design artwork to promote message series, camps, special events, etc.
•    Maintain and regularly update all Lakeside Church websites as needed.
•    Manage promotional calendar to ensure events are promoted on time.
•    Manage Lakeside Church social media.
•    Develop promotional strategies and design promotional materials for major events.

•    Trained in graphic design, web production, and communication.
•    Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is a plus.
•    4 years experience in professional communication and design preferred.

Skill Requirements:
•    Ability to manage time sensitive projects through to completion.
•    Ability to communicate clearly and effectively through writing.
•    Expertise in use of social media for marketing/promotion.
•    WordPress
•    HTML
•    CSS
•    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver
•    FTP and Web Servers
•    Keynote (Presentation Software)
•    Knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization)

Additional Preferred Skills (Not Required):
•    Knowledge of any web development programming languages (e.g. PHP, Javascript, MYSQL, etc.).
•    Experience in video production and motion graphics.

All candidates must provide a digital portfolio showing design abilities in print and digital media.

To Apply:
Send resume to

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