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Had some fun with a photo I took in Big Bend country a few years back.  

If you like these, you might wan't to check out some other worship stills:

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Ryan Paulsom   Ryan Paulsom 4 years ago
Hi Joe - I was wondering if you would be willing to send me the PSD files for these pictures (the first one). I'd really like to use it for a series that I'm doing called "The View from Here."

If you are willing, would you email them to me at

thanks a lot!
Debbie Koske   Debbie Koske 4 years ago
LOVE this! I, too, would need the .psd. Any chance it is available?? I would need to move the circle over to one side.

Thanks SO MUCH!
Trisha Vo   Trisha Vo 2 years ago
What font did you use?
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Desert & Stars | Slides

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