Resist Easter 1

Easter meets The Screwtape Letters.

This series brings a twist to the traditional approach to Easter by imagining the forces of darkness and evil forming an underground resistance to the Incarnation.

Using the motif of propaganda posters from different eras employed by resistance cells under enemy occupation, any number of creative options can be explored throughout Lent and for Easter.

Five different options available either as a stand-alone or as a bundle.

Bulletin covers have an optional overlay which says 'He Lives.'

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Keywords: blood, crucifixion, darkness, death, easter, evil, faith, god, jesus, propaganda, resurrection, sin, war, lent, incarnation, enemy, lamb, resist, violence
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Danny J   Level 1Danny J 4 years ago
Dig it!
Jason Watson   Level 1Jason Watson 4 years ago
Thanks Danny!
Ryan Elliott   Ryan Elliott 1 year ago
Is the PSD file for  Resist Easter 1 available?
Jason Watson   Level 1Jason Watson 1 year ago
Ryan- please email me at and I can help you out.
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Resist Easter 1

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