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Ryan Silo   Ryan Silo 4 years ago
did you make this with after effects? awesome video man! i wanna learn that too 
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 4 years ago

All After Effects.... Thank you. I felt the love when I was making this.

~ Rich
Ryan Silo   Ryan Silo 4 years ago
does it take long to make it?
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 4 years ago

I was way tired and it was really late when I made it. It took me about 2 hours to do. Most of that though was just trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I changes a lot of things so many times that it went longer than it should have.
Daniel R   Level 1Daniel R 4 years ago
RIch!! AWESOMEEEEE!!  love it man...great work
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 4 years ago
Thanks man.... ;)
WalnutCreek UMC   WalnutCreek UMC 4 years ago
Thank you for a great video for Valentine's Day!

- Walnut Creek UMC
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 4 years ago
Awesome  I grew up in Concord right off of Treat Blvd. Glad you liked it..
Marie Haggarty   Level 1Marie Haggarty 4 years ago
thank you for this - it is wonderful!
Thanks for the video, I definitely appreciate it! Though I did find a typo when I watched the version on vimeo. It's in the part where it says what if you weren't alone, afraid, helpless. It should read 'you' but actually reads, 'your'. Not sure if you fixed it in the version for download here though.

Thanks all the same!
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Joshua Gish   Joshua Gish 4 years ago
I'm not sure if you put the audio in using AE or FCP but a tip to keep it from those nasty popping sounds is to convert the music to AIFF before you drag it in. Editing programs never do well with compressed music. Still... amazing job from just two hours. I tip my hat off to you sir.
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 4 years ago
I appreciate that. I also found out that mp3's are great to use and are user friendly with editing programs as well. Love the tip!

Thank you very much

~ Rich
abet marcelo   abet marcelo 3 years ago
great one.. thanks for sharing man..
Mario Perdomo   Mario Perdomo 3 years ago
Awesom! I love it

I want learn to make this! :$
Alexis M.   Alexis M. 3 years ago
It is very beautiful. I would like to translate it into French and Spanish. Can you send the psd file? If you have other psd sent after the first so I can translate it. I want to help other communities. I noted that we often forget other nations. Should not we just limited English. If we want to hit around the world - Mark 16:15 Be Blessed (I work with after affect and final cut)
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 3 years ago
Let me see what I can do.

Please connect with me if I don't get back to you asap.
You email me on my personal page.


~ Blessings
xilla good   xilla good 3 years ago
i want to MAKE it too
Ron Manke   Level 1Ron Manke 1 year ago
Very nice, thank you!

BTW there is a typo on one of the slides it says "you're weren't"

Nice animation work!
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