Acknowledge Him

Same scripture (Proverbs 3:6) with similarly different backgrounds :P

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Dave Mackey   Dave Mackey 4 years ago
Very nice. Thanks so much for making this.
Mark Custodio   Mark Custodio 4 years ago
Great! :D
Knightley Janet   Knightley Janet 3 months ago
indeed!! acknowledge Him, and everything will be favoring you at Meliza Celeridad keep sharing posts like this and invite people to Islam, tell them about it thanks
abet marcelo   abet marcelo 3 years ago
this one is great!
cory church   Level 1cory church 3 years ago
I need a different version of the passage. can I get the psd?
Meliza Celeridad   Meliza Celeridad 3 years ago
Sure. My computer's getting fixed right now but it might be saved into my ext harddrive. Shoot me an email. meliza.celeridad@yahoo.
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Acknowledge Him

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