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A simple graphic that can be used for in your services.

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Jordon L   Jordon L 4 years ago
love this logo... what font do you use? 
Stewart Dowdall   Stewart Dowdall 4 years ago
Thank You! 

The font is called Quadranta! There's a link to it in the File Details, its a free download :)
Diana Raymond   Diana Raymond 4 years ago
so cool!

Jason Moseley   Jason Moseley 4 years ago
Thanks!  Using the font, I turned it into "Connection Groups", which is the name of our group ministry.  

Thanks for contributing to this awesome site!
abet marcelo   abet marcelo 3 years ago
great one.. thanks for sharing.
steven prasugih   steven prasugih 3 years ago
thank you
L. Costanza   L. Costanza 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing!
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Connect Groups

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