The Gift

Most of us realize that Christmas has to be more than presents stacked under a tree. So, what's the real gift of Christmas? The story of God's great gift of love has been told for centuries, yet still this gift blesses, challenges, inspires and redeems us. It is the gift of Jesus Christ.

In this worship series for Advent/Christmas, the graphics depict a simple manger with a wrapped gift inside symbolizing Jesus, the incarnate. Wood planks and distressed textures contemporize the scene with brown and blue colors for the season.

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Jordon L   Jordon L 3 years ago
this is awesome! any chance you'd make the psd available? :)
Kenny Snow   Kenny Snow 2 years ago
I love it, and would also like to request a psd :)
Kelsey Johnson   Kelsey Johnson 2 years ago
Message me with your email address and I can send you the
Photoshop file. Thanks!
L Nichols   L Nichols 2 years ago
Hi Kelsey! Hope its ok, have used your picture on our church Christmas webpage being created Many thanks! A great gift.
omar diosdado   omar diosdado 2 years ago
Do you have a psd version of this? Thanks!
Michael Truong   Michael Truong 1 year ago
Big fan of this one.  Is the psd available?  
Nathan Siegele   Nathan Siegele 11 months ago
Love it.  Can I get the psd please?
Kelsey Johnson   Kelsey Johnson 11 months ago
Sure thing! Send me an email to and I'll reply back with the PSD.
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The Gift

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