Motion Loops Pack 2

Pack 2 of beautifully made Motion Loops. These motions loops perfectly
loop after 30 seconds. Perfect for any occasion needing a background.

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Keywords: event, morning, night, service, youth, worship background, pastor, bundle, motion loops, 30 seconds, perfect loop, pack 2
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Uploaded: 12/12/2012
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Alex Slack   Alex Slack 1 year ago Reply
Thanks man! Nice job, and thank you for providing them for free. Just out of curiosity, what program did you use to create these?

God bless,
Seun Jubril   Seun Jubril 1 year ago
You are very welcome! And I use Adobe After Effects :)
abet marcelo   abet marcelo 1 year ago Reply
nice one.. again thanks for making it free.. :)
Josh Comer   Josh Comer 1 year ago Reply
So appreciate these man! 
Jason Rupert   Level 1Jason Rupert 1 year ago Reply
Total awesome! Using it this morning in service!
Matthew Ray   Matthew Ray 1 year ago Reply
Awesome Seun! You da best!
Drew Hall   Drew Hall 10 months ago Reply
My favorite one to use for worship lyrics is the golden one! Thanks for making it free!
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Motion Loops Pack 2

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