I had a hard time finding good stock images of Jesus (or what we think of Jesus looking like) so I have been on a mission to capture the images myself. This is one that I used on my past Christmas card.

Hope it's a blessing to others.

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Kathrese McKee   Kathrese McKee 4 years ago Reply
Just wanted to let you know that I really like this photo.  I'm planning to use it in a post on
Kim Meneses   Kim Meneses 3 years ago Reply
Anne Birkelo   Anne Birkelo 2 years ago Reply
I love this photo, thank you for sharing it. I plan to use it on for my personal blog, Eyes Wide Open. Also, on the facebook page I have created for the blog. Thank you for sharing with us so we can bless others in the name of Jesus!
Angie Vaughn   Angie Vaughn 2 years ago Reply
I love this picture. It really speaks to my heart and gives me peace to imagine His comfort
Tadd Vick   Tadd Vick 1 year ago Reply
Wow! Talk about awesome!
Ethan Kennedy   Ethan Kennedy 1 year ago Reply
I was so inspired that i created an illustration based on this photo, and made sure to give you credit for the source. What a blessing!Here is the link to my illustration that you inspired:
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