I had a hard time finding good stock images of Jesus (or what we think of Jesus looking like) so I have been on a mission to capture the images myself. This is one that I used on my past Christmas card.

Hope it's a blessing to others.

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Kathrese McKee   Kathrese McKee 3 years ago Reply
Just wanted to let you know that I really like this photo.  I'm planning to use it in a post on
Kim Meneses   Kim Meneses 3 years ago Reply
Anne Birkelo   Anne Birkelo 1 year ago Reply
I love this photo, thank you for sharing it. I plan to use it on for my personal blog, Eyes Wide Open. Also, on the facebook page I have created for the blog. Thank you for sharing with us so we can bless others in the name of Jesus!
Angie Vaughn   Angie Vaughn 1 year ago Reply
I love this picture. It really speaks to my heart and gives me peace to imagine His comfort
Tadd Vick   Tadd Vick 11 months ago Reply
Wow! Talk about awesome!
Ethan Kennedy   Ethan Kennedy 7 months ago Reply
I was so inspired that i created an illustration based on this photo, and made sure to give you credit for the source. What a blessing!Here is the link to my illustration that you inspired:
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