Worship Guide Template

Template for a Worship Guide that can be used to hand out to welcome people to the church.

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Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 4 years ago
very nice!
Jordon L   Jordon L 3 years ago
I love this! Do you know of any reliable online services that would print something like this with a perforation?
Hunter McGee   Level 1Hunter McGee 3 years ago
Thanks! Yeah you can go to,, or two are where I usually go when I need something printed.
Sharon Grant   Sharon Grant 3 years ago
How do I edit this template? It only opens as a jpeg on my computer so I'm not able to edit it and place the name of my church on the document. Please help.
Hunter McGee   Level 1Hunter McGee 3 years ago
Sharon, you will need Adobe Illustrator in order to edit and open this file. Thanks!
Marvin England   Marvin England 2 years ago
Could you save this available as an editable pdf? We don't have AI. That would be awesome!
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Worship Guide Template

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