Pink Mountain

this was inspired by Brenton Little.  Everyone should go and check out his work cause its amazing!

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Brenton Little   Level 1Brenton Little 5 years ago
Thanks man, I just noticed your description! It looks great!
David Chapman   Level 1David Chapman 5 years ago
Did you mean "You Are Church" Or "Your Church"?

Great design, though.
David Sunnock   Level 1David Sunnock 5 years ago
just noticed that...ya its suppose to be "your church" not "you're church".  what i think is even more funny is the fact that i put "you're church" as a keyword haha
abet marcelo   abet marcelo 3 years ago
great one. thanks for sharing..
will gallegos   will gallegos 3 years ago
In reality, "you're Church" is a correct term saying we are the church, the building is not the church, but we the people are the Church of Christ =)
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Pink Mountain

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