Methodist Baptism

This was a fun vector Project I did a while back. Maybe you can use it for a youth event or other outdoor event.

**Chris Reinecke is a Dallas based Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director, specializing in typographical imagery (Text as image). To contact Chris for custom work, click the "contact" link on his creative space page.

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Jim McConnell   Jim McConnell 3 years ago Reply
I don't get it.
Chris Reinecke   Level 1Chris Reinecke 3 years ago
Hi, Jim! Thank you for asking.
This piece is one, in a handful tongue-in-cheek illustrations designed to poke fun at the divisions within the Church. 

According to Methodist traditions, baptism can be performed by sprinkling or pouring water, as well as immersion, while Baptists and others subscribe to the belief that baptism literally means submersion. 
… In a moment of silliness, I asked myself "What about water guns?" and was stirred to build an illustration, around it.
Chris Reinecke   Level 1Chris Reinecke 2 years ago
the Baptist "Dunking Booth" concept is the counterpart to this illustration…
Methodist:Water gun::Baptist:Dunking Booth
Jim McConnell   Jim McConnell 3 years ago Reply

Perhaps I did get it.  As a Methodist pastor I've never used the method myself. ;)

A good reminder though that we take ourselves a little too seriously sometimes!

grace and peace,

Chris Reinecke   Level 1Chris Reinecke 3 years ago Reply
Jim,if you ever find the opportunity, please send pictures!
I would LOVE to see them.

I'll keep you in mind, if I ever get around to the "Baptist Dunking Booth" Illustration that I've been thinking up.
Jim McDonald   Jim McDonald 2 years ago
"Baptist Dunking Booth" ?
Jim McConnell   Jim McConnell 2 years ago Reply
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Methodist Baptism

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