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by: Alyssa Gordon in: General Post 5 years ago

Hey I was wondering if anyone knew of a ligitimate website that posted freelance graphic job opportunities. I work as the full-time graphics/communications assistant at my church but eventually I'd like to be able to just have an income through freelance stuff so I can be home with my family. Is there any such site that I could get into now in preparation for stepping away from a full-time position eventually? Thanks.


Chris Reinecke   Level 1Chris Reinecke 5 years ago
If you're wanting to build a business, the most dependable clients come by forging personal relationships.

Besides that, there are a number of places where you can sell stock photography & illustrations, or crowdsourcing sites, but neither of these are good as a successful business model.
Richie Lugo   Richie Lugo 5 years ago
Someone at my job suggested  This is a site where you actually bid for work and you gauranteed pay!
Doug Shelton   Level 1Doug Shelton 5 years ago
I agree with reinecke, your best bet for solid, continual freelance work is to start networking. Talk to people you know who own businesses. Pass out business cards. Just get your name out there. I landed a freelance job a while back just by making a phone call to someone I knew who was starting a new business.

Also, always ask your clients to recommend you to others.
Franka Akers   Franka Akers 5 years ago
To answer your question without telling you how you should build your business or interact with your clients, there are quite a few online resources for contract-based work.

Check out some of the listings here:

I know many people who get invited to crowdspring projects and get selected, but spec work isn't for everyone—especially if the competition is over 50 artists. You can usually tell, though.

There are particular skills that allow you to resell art for residual. This would include stock photography, WordPress themes, templated AE projects and HTML/CSS site templates. You can get a lot of action with this approach on some of the paid sites.
David Nash   David Nash 4 years ago
Please see our Coming soon Page ( ). Please
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Pierce Brantley   Level 1Pierce Brantley 4 years ago

I love that you are looking for away to work and be with your family, very commendable.

I also agree everyone above that nothing is as good as building a network.
Here are some ways that I think, will guarantee enough work for you.

1. Go to every graphic design/web design/printing company in your surrounding area and let them know your available for outsourcing. Every establishing firm I know of has more work than they can handle and they are more than happy(relieved even) to have a go-to to send extra work to. If you had as little as 5 firms that know you personally I'm confident you'll have at least 20-30 hours of work a week. Do it now!

2. If you like working for churches go to every established one you can think of and offer them a retainer. Something like $500 dollars a month. Most church projects are turnkey so if you said your retainer is work up to 20 hours a month (medium churches will never use that much) and you got 5-10 churches(no that hard I promise!!! :-) ) you've raised your bottom line by $3-$5,000 dollars and you get the joy of doing kingdom work!

3. Save 10-20% of everything you make and use it for advertising. is amazing and they will put you in front of great leaders in the christian world. So you will by affect look like your aligned with them.

Forgive me if you've already done this, but I think its healthy to decide what you want your bottom line to be. Having a family can be expensive, right? So for instance if you know it takes $6,500 for you family to live a month then its helpful to continue to offer retainers/contracts with businesses until your bottom-line is met. If you don't you'll go from month to month with some kind of roll-coaster syndrome and I'd hate for you to go through that!

One last quick tip about the design firms. They see you as a "need" not the other way around. So when you offer them an hourly rate remember you have the leveraging power not them. Always offer 10%-15% percent more then you need so you can negotiate it and still appear like a compromising person that looks for a win-win. If it goes below what you need for your monthly bottom-line kindly walk away. They'll call you back if you did a good job!
If you want help planning goals let me know! I'd be more than happy to help! I'm excited for you.
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