Echo 2012


by: Chris Reinecke in: General Post 4 years ago

The New Echo Conference Website just went live!

So, are you planning to go?


Robert Lane   Level 1Robert Lane 4 years ago
Looks great! Would love to go, and have never been. Have you ever been or are you going, Chris?
Chris Reinecke   Level 1Chris Reinecke 4 years ago
Hey, Robert! No, I've never been, and I'm an outsider (I work in the beauty industry) so I probably will not attend.
But I live nearby, and would like to make time to visit with some of my CS peeps while they're in the area…
Doug Shelton   Level 1Doug Shelton 4 years ago
Go outsiders! Very happy to claim that now :)
D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
Not an "outsider" but I'm not sure if I'm going. I was going to go last year but a job change kept me from doing so.

If I can, I'll go just for the networking and interactions.
Kirk Stewart   Level 1Kirk Stewart 4 years ago
I'll drive up again if some CS people will be around and down for a meetup.
Joe Cavazos   Level 1Joe Cavazos 4 years ago
I'm planning on going, just need to check on getting the days off.  I'd be down for a CS meetup.  
David Chapman   Level 1David Chapman 4 years ago
I'll be there!
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