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by: David Chapman in: General Post 4 years ago

For months, Adobe has been leaking CS6 information, released Photoshop in Beta last month, and then now has unveiled everything about the new Creative Suite.

CS6 and the new Creative Cloud

It's really interesting at the price points. They did away with some applications and simplified the suites. There's still a Design Standard, but now there's no Design Premium and a separate Web Premium. They just wrapped it into the new Design & Web Premium. For video/mograph people there's Production Premium and the all inclusive Master Collection.

The most interesting part of all of this is the Creative Cloud and the interaction with all the apps. There have been some DropBox competitors, but none have matched its simplicity. Can't want to see how the cloud works on a daily basis with our work at Igniter and Graceway. (don't know what DropBox is? Take a look at this: )

Adobe has had a subscription model for over a year now. Master Collection was $129/month. Now, with the Creative Cloud, they have slashed the price to $49/month, giving you everything Adobe makes and also a 20GB cloud storage space for file syncing, sharing and Business Catalyst website creation. That's crazy!

You can also get CS6 and the Creative Cloud for $29/month for the first year if you've purchased ANYTHING before from Adobe all the way back to CS3. Here's the link for that discount:

That introductory price point I tweeted about last year. $29 is the point that can really get the hard copy people switched to a monthly plan. For the first year, it's cheaper than any upgrade to a suite (5 to 5.5 today with a free CS6 upgrade is $379). It's a price point that can lure you in, especially if there are components of another package that you don't own.

What am I doing?
Well I have Design Premium and After Effects CS5. I don't want to pay $379+$179 in the next week to upgrade to 5.5 just to make sure I get CS6. Although, if I wait, those upgrades will soon be $749 and $349 to move from 5.0 to 6. So that leaves me with the $29 intro pricing for the first year and then moving to either $39 (if they have some loyalty pricing then) or $49 a month forever. I won't want to go back to CS5 and Adobe will now have me. It sounds like a conspiracy, but on paper its actually cheaper and easier on your wallet.

What do you guys think?

Current customer pricing:
$29 x 12 months = $348 (everything Adobe and 20GB storage)

New customer pricing:
$49 x 12months = $588


Laura V   Level 1Laura V 4 years ago
its a tough call. The biggest issue for me is that (as I understand it) if you go with the subscription model you lose your programs if you ever decide to quit. What if you reach a point that you really don't need the upgrades...(the average small-business designer who isn't doing digital publishing is probably still fine with CS4 for the next few years.) The reality is I don't NEED CS6, and I probably won't need CS9 down the it might be smarter to just do the upgrade every 3 or 4 years rather than getting every upgrade and continuing to pay.

I'm also in a different situation though, because I do max 5 hours a week freelancing right now, and at work I'm not the one deciding if I get upgraded. Sounds like it might happen, which would be nice. And I might even get the second license for my home computer :D So what IM going to do is wait. lol!

There do seem to be some fun new features though!
David Chapman   Level 1David Chapman 4 years ago
That's a good point, and honestly what I had been doing. I didn't upgrade to 5.5, but I see that Adobe really wants people on a monthly/yearly membership and it's going to be far too expensive to upgrade your CS4 to CS7 in a boxed version when the time comes. I'm glad they are offering other features and services just for the cloud members—especially the cloud storage.

Also, I have read that the Creative Cloud Membership gives you the ability to still have CS6 on your desktop and laptop like the boxed license reads.

The only thing is to get the $29 monthly price (which you qualify for too), you have to sign up before August 31, 2012.

I'm going to do a 30 day Cloud trial, then convert after the trial expires.
Laura V   Level 1Laura V 4 years ago
yeah the last one I bought personally was CS4, but I have 5.5 at work. I'm pretty sure the smartest thing I should do is wait until I (someday?) return to work for myself, because I'll need a new machine as well. And probably a camera. I'll start saving up now :D
D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
I'm trying to figure this out myself. I personally have cs5. Honestly I think I'm going to upgrade and assume I won't need cs7. I have PF Track, foundry camera tracker, and c4d So 3d improvements and tracking improvements don't concern me that much.
Kirk Stewart   Level 1Kirk Stewart 4 years ago
I am betting that Adobe's future plans for the creative suite will not allow you to skip versions and still have an upgrade path. That's what they had intended to do with CS6 until Scott Kelby wrote them his now famous open letter.

Originally, only current CS5 customers had an upgrade path to 6. It was relaxed to allow users back to CS3 to upgrade. In the future, it seems like Adobe will continue ahead with this "upgrade every time" plan.

That is, you won't be able to work with CS6 for 3 years and then upgrade to 8. You'll have to buy 8 all over again. Only current version customers will have an upgrade path. In the long run, that's the only way they can make the subscription service a better value than intermittent upgrades.
I'm only guessing of course, but it seems to make a lot of sense given Adobe's history and their user-foiled plans to block upgrades to 6.

Not knowing what will happen in the future, I'd say you would be really smart to get upgraded to 6 now, and plan to upgrade every version, or go with the subscription service and hope for loyalty pricing like Chap mentioned.
Laura V   Level 1Laura V 4 years ago
good point kirk...thanks for point it out. I'd better upgrade now or I'll loose my upgrade price and be stuck with CS3 at home or paying it all out once I return to freelancing. Not a fun idea!
Melanie Clark   Melanie Clark 4 years ago
Got my CS6 in the mail yesterday. We had ordered 5.5 for the church a month ago (haven't done an upgrade since CS3...I loved it too much.) Then they annouced 6, so we qualified for a free copy. Just jumping into it, but I like it so far! My computer doesn't though..thankfully we budgeted for a new one in 2013...I'll build a beast! 
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