A good lesson from Mr. Rogers


by: Matt Gruber in: General Post 4 years ago



Chris Reinecke   Level 1Chris Reinecke 4 years ago
LOVE THIS! I've listened to it 5x today!!!
Sue Baxter   Level 1Sue Baxter 4 years ago
This makes me smile. Thanks Matt!  Of course, my curse of being a contrarian is that as he was "singing" I flipped it around and thinking that the "garden of our mind" can grow destructive thoughts as well, if we water them. Gotta kill those!
Robert Williams   Level 1Robert Williams 4 years ago
I watched this expecting it to be funny (ala Sweet Brown and "Hide yo wife!"), but dang, this is actually pretty good.  If more of the original content would have been along these lines, I'd have visited  Mr. Rogers' hood a lot more often.
Rich Aguilar   Level 1Rich Aguilar 4 years ago
Gonna have my son watch this when I get home. :)
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