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Samuel Fyfe   Level 1Samuel Fyfe 4 years ago
A to the MEN!
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Chris Perry   Chris Perry 4 years ago
I agree
Chris Perry   Chris Perry 4 years ago
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A Blessed Day To Everyone :)

Im a Newbie in this website :) but currently i was been looking here for some months now and decided to join :) i have lots of work / stuffs to give :) and some of it are my designs :) actually, im working in church for a year now and designing for almost 8mons in the bulletin for the church. and i want to share it. Oh also im a Filipino :) im 23 years old, have no credit card :) asking if how can i sell some of my stuff without using it? or should i really need a credit card? :) thanks :) God bless.
Jeff Simbro   Jeff Simbro 4 years ago
Thanks for sharing David
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