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by: Chris Perry in: General Post 4 years ago

With regard to the multitude of 'Job Openings' on this site that expect work to be completed in order to get a gig, can I suggest 'openings' like that should be marked or labeled separately as 'spec work'. This gives a clear message to those posting the 'opportunity' that how they're doing it is understood to be differentiated from the normal exchange of work for money.

The identification could be simply written as such or presented in the form of a symbol like a blue triangle with a white explanation mark next to the post.


Blake Berg   Blake Berg 4 years ago
Chris Reinecke   Level 1Chris Reinecke 4 years ago
Chris Reinecke   Level 1Chris Reinecke 4 years ago
I used to know people who would send responses to spec work, basically chastising the "offender" for insulting the industry. I've never been that kind of guy, but I did see this as an opportunity to educate, as well as follow a lead. I sent one of the spec posts the following e-mail:

Hello, Prospective client!
I am a Graphic Designer, and have been a part of the CreationSwap community since 2007.
I noticed your request for (insert job), and would like you to consider hiring me for the job.

You may have noticed that it can be difficult to hire a designer, using the "design contest" model. Many designers have become skeptical of what is called "spec work." For many designers, this model is considered poor professional practice, because the project often begins with little information, affecting artistic integrity, & the designer's ability to produce the best outcomes possible. Spec work can also expose the designer to potential intellectual property theft, and takes time away from more profitable endeavors.

I wish you the best, in gathering bids for your (insert job). If you find that you aren't getting the quality of submissions you would like, please consider hiring me directly. I offer packages to suit your needs, ranging from (insert price range).You can look through my portfolio, at the sites below:

I look forward to hearing from you.
Chris Perry   Chris Perry 4 years ago
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Chris Perry   Chris Perry 4 years ago
Its a well written piece Chris and gets the message across however I
maybe wrong but I don't think these guys will buy into the logic you've
expressed as I suspect their inundated with desperate taker uperers.
Thats why I suggest (in this web context anyway) we just stamp 'em with
the mark of Cain and everyone knows where they stand. We probably need
to do both.
Chris Reinecke   Level 1Chris Reinecke 4 years ago
Understood. I knew it was a long shot when I sent it, but, I guess I'm teetering between desperate & legitimacy, anyway…I don't do enough freelance to call myself a business, but I'm looking for leads, to grow. 
D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
I feel it is typically a misunderstanding of design vs the appearance thereof. True design isn't happenstance, and only quality stands the test of time. 

I just ignore it. Honestly I'm completely ambivalent over spec anymore. It's unavoidable in and out of the Christian community. It isn't going anywhere, and free resources are more abundant every day.

I say I am ambivalent towards spec because there will always be people who understand the value of paying for quality, and although I wish I could educate every person seeking a free or cheap design job, it seems more tedious and less profitable than doing the work they're asking for.
Realistically, if you informed someone of your skills, overhead, and cost of time, it doesn't change their budget. It might keep them from asking again, but it most likely wont create a job for yourself, at least not a full priced one, or a foundation for a long lasting  repeat client.

I agree with everything you've said, but I think it is the design community that needs to be informed over those who are inquiring. They are just doing what their friend who got a cheap design told them to do.
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