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I love the look of the retro, faded printed look (for example ).  But for the life of me I can't seem to get the desired results.  Do you know of any online sources that can help me out, or do you guys' have your own methods of going about this effect?  I thought it would have been fairly easy, but for some reason, i'm having a tough time with it.  Thanks!

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Blake Berg   Blake Berg 4 years ago
This is the way I do it (in PS):

1. get texture image that you like.
2. Make it black and white (you are going to use it as an alpha channel)
3. Adjust the black and white values however you like (white is 100% visable, black is 0% visable, etc)
4. Create an image mask on the layer you want to affect ("add vector mask" from the layer palette or menu: Layer >> Vector Mask >> Reveal All)
5. Option Click the image mask (on Mac) in the layer palette. This loads the mask in the canvas.
6. Paste your texture image in the image mask.
7. You can still make color adjustments (brightness, contrast, levels, etc) to the texture image to make it more or less present.

There used to be a "plugin" called Machine Wash (by Mr. Retro) that came with a lot of texture images and was basically a set of actions that did this exact process. I think it may have changed to be an actual plugin, but I'm not sure. It may be worth a quick google search to see if it is still around
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