The Gallery - Awesomeness !


by: Rich Aguilar in: General Post 4 years ago

I have just wanted everyone to know, that I have been seeing a ton of great work in the gallery. Wow, and I mean that seriously! What a great group of creatives we have in this community! Keep up the great work folks and keep inspiring guys like myself to be better. 

Much Love! 

~ Rich


Daniel R   Level 1Daniel R 4 years ago
I hope you are including yourself in there man cuz your work is super duper AWESOME! 

Please bring on those Online C4D lessons
Aaron Watt   Level 1Aaron Watt 4 years ago
Love what you're producing man.
Jeff Simbro   Jeff Simbro 4 years ago
Very true. Loving all the pieces in the gallery. Great work guys.
Aaron Watt   Level 1Aaron Watt 4 years ago
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