Time for a upgrade...what should I buy?


by: Jordan Wiseman in: General Post 4 years ago

Hey y'all, my almost 4-year-old PC laptop is on it's last leg and it's about time to upgrade! Of course, I wanted all of your lovely advice.

First off, right now I only do Photoshop work. However, it'd be nice to have a computer that could handle After Effects/Premiere if I wanted to do more video in the future. 

Secondly, I would like portability. Meaning, a laptop. Or a cheap desktop and then get a tablet...but the laptop seems a bit better.

Thirdly...I would like to switch to Mac. I have an iPhone, so I'm in the Apple ecosystem already. However, which Mac? MacBook Pro or Air? I'm not opposed to a PC, by the way...just has to be really, um, if you have any recommendations there that would be great as well.

Also, my budget is tight. $1200 or lower, preferably. 

Thank you all so much! 


Adam Murphy   Adam Murphy 4 years ago
Dell XPS
D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
15" with Dual core i5 processor? for $1300? Plus having to deal with Someone who speaks another language if there are ever issues, and having to work on Windows? No thanks.

Here is a 15" quad core i7 for the same price:$1350 Quad core i7 500gb HD 4gig ram -
Samuel Fyfe   Level 1Samuel Fyfe 4 years ago
Newest Macbook Pro.  The airs are pretty but they don't have enough memory for serious editing, especially if you want to work with After Effects.  Macs are fast, quiet, long lasting, and work great with the Adobe Suite.  The only Con is price and screen size.  The only one you would be able to afford is the base 13 Macbook Pro.
Laura V   Level 1Laura V 4 years ago
if you were willing to go desktop you could get a spiffy imac for that price, with larger sceen size and memory. They're wonderful. And actually quite easy to transport, although definitely not like a laptop lol!! 

From what I know of the airs, they're not worth it for any heavy work. I think they're aimed at the business man who wants a tablet with a keyboard lol!! 
Jordan Wiseman   Level 1Jordan Wiseman 4 years ago
I'd love to buy an iMac and then get a MacBook Air for portable*sobs*
Laura V   Level 1Laura V 4 years ago
Oh I know, I'm still on an old intel imac that keeps running out of space and seems to be loosing its graphics card...

I do barely any work at home anymore though, so I can't justify an upgrade yet. I definitely "get" the budget situation!
D B   Level 1D B 4 years ago
-->Side note, this is the one I'd get for your budget<--

13inch MBP:
$1269 Dual core i7 320gb HD 8gb Ram:

15inch MBP:
$1100 Dual core i5 320gb HD 4gig ram-
$1250 Dual core i7 500gb HD 4gig ram -

-->This is the one I'd get if you can scrounge up the money<--
$1350 Quad core i7 500gb HD 4gig ram -
Jordan Wiseman   Level 1Jordan Wiseman 4 years ago
The $1100 Dual core i5 15" seems like a really good deal...
M Jones   Level 1M Jones 4 years ago
For what it's worth:
I'm using a Macbook Pro 2.2Ghz i7 HD with 8Gb RAM...

It handles multiple threads of HD video from my Canon 60d (heavily compressed codec) just fine.  Using After Effects, specifically anything in 3D, is not something I'd use a dual-core, yes even an i7, processor for... but maybe I'm just impatient? Yeah, I'm probably just impatient...

I started looking into building a tower for video, but then opted for a mobile solution and bought a Mac largely because of this  Video Guy's review...

I've bought 'Apple refurbished' with five of our machines and have never had a problem.

On a different yet related note, I was also fortunate enough to buy  a 27" iMAC this year, they are great... The only issue, I've found, is keeping it cool... within a few months I noticed a discoloration on part of the screen... it turns out I had actually burned that area of  the screen...

Apple replaced it, no questions asked... I got the impression that they had come across the issue before... now I keep a small fan blowing against the back of the machine and have had no problem so far, it's just inconvenient...

All that to say, the cooling system for the 27" iMAC is problematic if your intent is to use it for programs like Premiere and After Effects... I think it just has trouble dissipating the heat across such a large surface. You'd probably never run into this issue with the 21.5" model...

That's my experience anyway... 
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