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Advice for a Aspiring Graphic Designer?


by: Jenette B in: General Post 2 years ago

What is one advice you can give for an aspiring graphic designer?  


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Samuel Fyfe   Level 1Samuel Fyfe 2 years ago Reply
Stick with design.  Especially if you're self-taught.  After a while, it gets daunting and you'll want to give up.  If you stick with it, the payoff is worth it.
Jenette B   Jenette B 2 years ago
Hey thanks! Right now it is all self-taught. Nice to go to school and learn basics, but that requires $.
Samuel Fyfe   Level 1Samuel Fyfe 1 year ago
I'm self taught also, and for a while it got really hard to keep doing it because there was little to no reward.  Then I worked my butt off at a basic portfolio and landed a full-time job doing it.  It was a lot of work, but it pays off every day.
Jenette B   Jenette B 1 year ago
Thanks Samuel, that is encouraging.  Patience is key indeed. 
Doug Shelton   Level 1Doug Shelton 2 years ago Reply
Study up.

Even if you can't/don't want to go to school, there's still no excuse not to learn about the craft. If you don't know the basics of design theory, color theory typography, etc. then start there. Study the masters. Study different areas of design. Look at others work for inspiration, then figure out how to do it on your own. 

There is no excuse for bad design. Learn the fundamentals and make stuff that looks good.
Jenette B   Jenette B 2 years ago
Thanks Doug - so far I've been doing that for the last 3 years...little by little and still learning more. 
Doug Shelton   Level 1Doug Shelton 2 years ago
Then keep it up. 

I would also encourage you to practice, but practice good habits. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Keep practicing the fundamentals and pushing your self. 
Jenette B   Jenette B 1 year ago
Thanks Doug.  For every graphic project I am doing (which is all voluntary at the moment), my goal is to learn and do something new.  Again, appreciate the advice and encouragement! 
Laura V   Level 1Laura V 2 years ago Reply
Stay humble: even if you start to feel like you have a good grasp on things, you have to work hard to get places. You have to always maintain a healthy balance between confidence and cockiness! Take any learning/mentoring opportunity you can! 
Jenette B   Jenette B 1 year ago
Thanks Laura for the advice.  Definitely good points.  Where can one find a mentor?
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