Converting PSD's to EPS


by: Chris Thomas in: General Post 8 years ago

I used to know how to convert PSD files to EPS's but I haven't done it in so long. So could anyone let me know what is the process?

Thanks in advance


Chris Schroeder   Level 1Chris Schroeder 8 years ago
I think all you have to do is open your file in photoshop and save it as an .eps

You'll find .eps as a choice in your dropdown list.

I hope that helps!
Chris Thomas   Chris Thomas 8 years ago
I want it to be a true vector .eps. When it is saved as a .eps in photoshop it still has pixels. The process that I am referring to involves illustrator.
Aaron Watt   Level 1Aaron Watt 8 years ago
It is impossible to turn a photoshop file to an illustrator .eps or vector unless you import the photoshop file into illustrator and use Live Trace. Live trace will convert any pixel file into vector format but beware it is not exact. Hope that helps you out.
David Chapman   Level 1David Chapman 8 years ago

You can design in Photoshop with type layers and shape layers and everything will stay vector. You can export this as a Photoshop PDF and you will see a small file blow up in Acrobat without losing quality. Just don't rasterize your text or shape layers. I think most layer effects scale as well, but you might want to do some testing. If you have a blank background, you should be able to maintain the transparency as well.

EPS is a somewhat antiquated format. PDF is the way to go anyways.

Hope that helps...
David Chapman   Level 1David Chapman 8 years ago
Do you have a sample of what you are working on you can post?

If you have Bridge, there is an option in the automation to Live Trace a file. You just have to go into the settings and change it until you get what you want.

You used to use this that turned into Live Trace.
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