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share your work

Share your work

To keep our free gallery full of useful artwork, we decided to give you, the artists, an incentive. For each free and approved item, receive a 1 to 5% increase to your items for sale. A win win for the artist and the church!

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sell your work

Sell your work

Turn your church media designs into passive income. Sell photos, bulletins, postcards, banners, logos and more.

Profit two ways by selling a file or by customers having it printed, earn $10 for each printed order. Enjoy getting paid monthly no matter how much you earned!

Sell your work now

Bonus percent increase program

Percent Increase Program

Increase the 50% base payout by 1 to 5% for each approved item you submit to our free gallery, up to a 70% maximum payout. CreationSwap will determine payout percentage by file quality.

A Percentage Increase will apply to any free artwork (Print Ready, Still Graphics) given under the Percent Increase (Artwork) link and a Percentage Increase will apply to any Videos given under the Percent Increase (Video) link.

Each 1 to 5% increase is good for the following month from the time of approval. Likewise, removing items from the Free Gallery will decrease any percentage increases earned over the 50% base.

All files with non-standard licences are a 50% fixed payout.