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Sharing freely allows artists and churches to share the work they have made free to our community.

Why share freely?
Most churches come up with great sermon ideas or ministry graphics but the sad truth is that this graphic media sadly sits on a hard drive and is never seen or used again.

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CreationSwap will offer sellers 100% payout of all items sold (minus transaction fees) and share of the monthly subscription revenue.

Sellers get:
100% payout on all for sale items sold (minus transaction fees of 6.65% + $0.40 per transaction) and share of the monthly subscription revenue.

Premium Subscribers get:
Unlimited access to all of the content on the site, including for sale items.

Subscription shared revenue is based on the number of downloads you have from premium subscribers of your for sale items

$ Paid Per Item = Subscription revenue weighted by type X Premium content percent payout by type X (Downloads of "for sale" item / Total number of premium downloads of "for sale" content by type).

Premium Content Percentage Payouts:
30% Photos/Slides
35% Graphics/Motions
40% Mini Movies

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