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Joel Sermon Slides

This came out of an extension of my study in Joel. What a great book contrasting God's judgement and restoration. "The day of the Lord" which is judgement day is a central theme in the book. For God's enemies it is a day to be feared, but for God's people will be a time for rejoicing. God uses locusts to destroy their crops, foreshadowing a coming enemy or apocalyptically speaking. Essentially God removes his blessing and calls his people to repent. If they repent, He will restore everything that had been destroyed by the locusts and pour out his spirit on all the people. Paul quoted from this passage in Acts 2. It's not a squashed locust, although that interpretation wouldn't be that out of line with Scripture. The blood symbolizes war and wrath. I used high contrast of colors to represent the contrasting themes of wrath and restoration.  I used a font called RBNo2Light. Its a free font. Google it if you like. 

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