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Splats and mini tutorial

How did I make this you ask?

One - Get off your computer, you can use a break from looking at it all day.

Two - Pick up some thin paint brushes and some paint.

Three - Dip your paint brush in the paint and then in the water. Make sure to soak the brush real good.

Four - Get a piece of white paper and when your ready just pull back the paint brush a little bit and give it a quick fling to the paper creating splats.

Five - Make sure the paper is dry before you place it in the scanner. Scan the paper at 200 dpi in color.

Six - Open the scanned doc in photoshop. desaturate the image to black and white. Go to Image>Adjustments>Levels. Pull the right white arrow to the left a little bit and the middle arrow to the right to sharpen the splats to what looks good to you. When you are done, save the image as a jpg.

Seven - Open the splats jpg image in Illustrator and then select Object>Live Trace>Tracing Options. Set the mode to Grayscale - Max colors at 256 - Blur 0 - Path fitting .5px - Minimum area 1px - Corner angle 10 - then trace it

Eight - Select object>Expand to convert all your shapes to small tiny splats.

Good luck!

I've also heard of people taking thick crayons, burning them with a candle till they melt then flicking them on paper.


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