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Broken - Easter Artwork (12924)
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Broken - Easter Artwork

View full artwork here:  http://dbiederbeck.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/CS-easter1-poster.png About the Artwork: We are all a broken people apart from God's grace. Christ was broken for our transgressions, and in this brokenness restoration came to us all. I focused on the trinity as a beginning point for this piece represented by the triangle. Christ came down in the flesh and was broken for us, bringing restoration to earth represented by the clouds.  Tools: C4D - 3d render and lighting PSD - Composit and color correction Illustrator - text After effects - Flare About the file:  Format: PSD Font: VeveyRegular The triangle is a png rendered from C4D. Unfortunately I cannot accommodate every request for adjustments needed on this file, but if you contact me we may be able to work something out. David Biederbeck | Motion Design dbiederbeck.com @biederbecker

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