Major & Minor Prophets (34068)
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Major & Minor Prophets

INTRODUCING the MAJOR and MINOR PROPHETS Do you ever confuse Micah with Malachi? Then maybe you need to take a look at this handy set of flannelgraph style vectors created to help keep the prophets in order. From Amos to Zechariah you'll learn who's who in the prophet world! Great for:

  • Sunday School Classes
  • Sermon Series
  • Bible Studies
  • and more!
  • Vector set of 4 Major Prophets
  • Vector set of 12 Minor Prophets
  • Text Captions for each Prophet (text converted to outlines)
  • Vector Title Graphic
  • High-Res PNG files of all 16 Prophets
  • High-Res JPG files of all 16 Prophets
  • Major & Minor Prophets Infographic PDF file

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